5,500.00 ฿

The ROLL TOP MESSENGER BAG is a hybrid of a subtle work briefcase and a modern messenger bag. It comes with an adjustable and removable webbing strap and can be upgraded with our COURIER STRAP that offers more carry options..

One advantage of the roll top closure is the weather resistance it offers but it also brings the right adjustability to make the Messenger Bag always look perfectly packed. The aluminum G-hook closure is simple in its appearance yet super easy to operate and still leaves extra room to put your rain jacket on top. The folding mechanism uses magnets to align the edges nicely for easy closing.

The fleece covered laptop compartment also offers an EVA foam padding on the inside and outside. The position of the compartment – facing away from the wearer – allows the ROLL TOP MESSENGER BAG to wrap around your body the way you are used to from high-quality bike messenger bags. As a hidden gem you will find our signature pattern quilted in the fleece of the laptop compartment.

On top of the laptop compartment you will find another smaller pocket offering sufficient organization to have your essentials in close reach. The inside of the roll top compartment is minimalistic, providing space for larger items but also offering organization with two flat mesh pockets and an elastic webbing to keep your water bottle from flying around when you need to sprint for the bus.

PLEASE note: the courier strap is not included in this offer and must be ordered separately if needed.